Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Thursday at the Bottom of the World

PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSEel partial solar eclipse graph

If you’re lucky enough to be in southern South America or Antartica tomorrow you might be able to catch the partial solar eclipse.

Source: Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Thursday at the Bottom of the World


Happy New Year from Etheric Life!

About a month before the year ends I like to take time to review the past year and look at it objectively. What did I accomplish? In what areas did I struggle? I like to see the plus and minuses of it all. This helps me make my game plan for the year with the help of my planner, and some great advice from my network of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Even though you’re looking at the whole of the year please do yourself a favor and keep focused on the positives. It may not be much right now but it means a lot to your overall well being just to acknowledge it. This year marks me starting Etheric Life but in all honesty, I’ve wanted to have my own clothing brand since high school. The cost of design school made it such a distant dream for me that I put it on the back burner and within a few years everyday life took up all of my time. Eventually, I wrote it off and pursued other career paths. With online businesses being so accessible now I decided to give it a shot and built my own website, found suppliers, even make my own ads from home. It was a dream deferred for far too long and all of the effort and hours spent to get it up and running were worth it.

Please take the time at the beginning of 2018 to set your intentions so that you have goals to pursue all year long. Trust me it will help to keep you focused on more positive things and you will accomplish more by the end of the year.

May your 2018 be filled with growth and positivity,